Asia is the largest continent in the world and over 50% of the world’s people live in Asia. What comes with such a large population? A diverse region with different people, cultures, economies, and politics and… Festivals. Asia has hundreds of festivals and carnivals than any other region in the world. Surely you don’t plan to attend all the festivals because you will run out of time. But some of the festivals in Asia stand out than the rest.

The Songkram Festival in Thailand

When you are in Thailand, make sure not to miss the Songkram Festival because in any way it is hard to not to notice it. It is a celebration of the Thai new year taking place between 13th to 15th April. It is best known for the water fights taking place all over the country. Make sure you are in Chiang Mai when the festival starts and you get the opportunity to experiencing something great. The Holi Festival, India Holi is a Hindu religious festival celebrated all over India popularly known as the festival of colors. This festival is so exhilarating, full of fun and color and you can play any games that will make you feel like a child again; smearing colors, eggs mud and grease on people’s faces .It is easy to get away with being a child again. Each part of the country celebrates the Holi festival in its own unique way. If you are not planning to visit one of the Holi festival I don’t know why, but you are surely missing something.

The Chinese New Year Festival

The Chinese New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. It is the time where new rituals are made, said to bring good fortunes for the coming year. One of the key features in all these celebrations is the use of symbols and with 2012 being the year of the Dragon signifying the ultimate happiness and success, you surely missed the celebrations. Make sure not to miss the 2013 celebrations or the years to come to witness these pompous celebrations.

The Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia

One of Asia’s festivals that is hard to miss or ignore is the Thaipusam festival celebrated in Malaysia. It is a celebration of the birthday of Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. Over a million people go to Batu Caves in the north of Kuala Lumpur to witness these celebrations .What you will see there will surely make your stomach flip. The body piercing scenes is definitely something to watch.

The Tet Nguyen Dan Festival in Vietnam

Ever noticed why there are so many people in Vietnam with the name Nguyen? Well, this is because there is also a festival with the same name. If you get the chance to attend the Tet Nguyen Dan festival, you are one lucky person. It is the time where locals are grateful for everything around them, exchange gifts and be with family, and friends. When you go back home tell everyone you were celebrating Tet. Yes, they will just wonder what the hell you are talking about.