The United States is a dream come true for travelers, especially on the West Coast, because of its wide open spaces and the feeling of freedom. A road trip to the United States is a dream for some, while there are those who really make it come true. A country composed of 50 states with many cities each. These cities also have their own particularity and richness.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco in the state of California attracts tourists with the architecture of its many Victorian houses and streets sloping more than 30°. The city of San Francisco differentiates California by the Golden Gate Bridge which has a length of 2,737m. You can cross this bridge while enjoying the breathtaking view of the city during the day or even more at night. It is not the only bridge this city has. There is also the Bay Bridge that connects the city to Oakland. Have you ever heard of the famous Alcatraz prison? It's in San Francisco. Tourists come to admire the famous Twin Peaks that dominate the city. If you like the panoramic view, there is the Coit Tower to satisfy you.

Seattle, Washington

It was in Seattle in Washington that the famous technologies were born: Microsoft and Starbucks. The Space Needle makes this city one of the most attractive for a US road trip on the West Coast. Alien enthusiasts are delighted, the tower is built in 1962 and has the shape of a flying saucer. Feel like an adrenaline rush from a height of 184 meters and have a breathtaking view of the city? Space Needle offers this atmosphere. Seattle also has the 18th largest skyscraper in the United States, the Columbia Center. The city of Seattle is ready to do anything to give its visitors a high and impressive view. Just off the city, you find the San Juan Islands for another kind of incredible adventure.

Las Vegas

It has become popular through various myths and legends, even though it was built in the middle of the desert. Famous for its bling-blings, casinos, great shows, different clubs... The perfect city for people who like to party every day. Las Vegas is nicknamed "the city of sins" and that's why the slogan what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is out. Climb up the Strastophere Tower to find the excitement and a 360° panoramic view. For a perfect US road trip, visit the Grand Canyon of Las Vegas to get back in touch with nature.