Travelling with kids can lead you to a new level of paranoia about their safety. Good thing is there are a few countries in world where insecurity and fear don’t feature in their vocabulary. If you are one of those people who get so worried about the kids safety, here is something to smile about;


For a country that is sometimes considered too sterile, Singapore has lot of fascinating places to visit. Crime and theft are rare in the country due to the huge penalties given to offenders which include death penalties for drug traffickers. With an extraordinarily low homicide rate, the country is not only one of the safest places in the world, but the safest in Asia.


With a rate of 0.44 homicide rate per 100,000 per year, Japan is one of the safest places in the world. It is a great country to travel to with kids because there are numerous children’s facilities and the rate of crime is very low. Don’t worry about your possessions getting lost because the lost and found services do actually work here. If you happen to leave something behind, you are most likely to find it where you left it.


Isn’t it too good to be true that this child friendly country has a murder rate of 0.0? This must be the safest place on the planet. There are only 700 police officers in the whole country and they do not carry guns. These officers may choose to have second jobs because there simply is not enough work to do in stopping crime. The kids will definitely have a blast here.


Unless the international rankings are wrong, for years Denmark has been hailed as one of the world’s safest country. Not only is it inhibited by the world’s wealthiest people but also the happiest. Robbery and pick pocketing incidents are low and the homicide rate is low at 0.88 people per 100,000.risks of natural disasters and animal attacks are almost zero.

New Zealand

This is another obvious choice of safe countries to travel with the kids. The country is isolated and therefore has no venomous creatures like spiders and there have been no recorded shark attacks. You can find jelly fish and snakes in Australia. There are no risks of tropical cyclones since the islands are too far and the chances of being caught up in natural disasters are too slim. The country is even more ultra safe because of a stable economy and lack of political unrest.