Dieppe is a port city settled along the limestone cliffs of the English Channel and the closest pebbled beach town to Paris. Its genuine harbour serves as a receiving area for fishermen and their freshly caught fish and famous scallops making it one of the busiest port in Normandy. Today, Dieppe is considered to be a travel destination for seafood and marine lovers. So read through as I have enumerated 5 things to do in this authentic fishing town.

Wander along the Port

The best way to experience the port itself is by strolling on it. You might get to see different ships unloading freshly caught fish from the ocean. Port-side restaurants are also within reach that could give you great fresh seafood meals with a spectacular view of the boats anchored in the port. Another way to enjoy the scenery while having a drink or two.

Visit and shop at the market

The narrow cobblestoned streets in Dieppe are busy every Saturday with local farmers selling their produce of cheese and organic vegetables. Local shops also sell souvenirs and tokens for guests who love to have keepsakes from the place. What’s more, you can find the best bargain in town when the market is on at this time of the week. You surely will enjoy haggling with the local shops and farmer!

See landmarks

The Château-musée is the most striking landmark in Dieppe. It’s a museum commemorating the maritime and trade history of the port city. The museum includes numerous sophisticated ivory sculptures carved by sailors and some well explained past stories of how the port city became a historical place in France. You can also get a glimpse of the canvases made by Renoir, Sisely, and Boudin. Visiting this museum can be a great way to learn and experience a little bit of Dieppe in the past.

Experience the local seafood

When you’re in Dieppe, you shouldn’t miss tasting their local seafood. You can get the freshest catch of the day served right into your plate. The local dishes like marmite diepoise and moules marinièr are truly divine that will leave your mouth watering for more. If you are up for socialising, try and dine with the locals as they will tell you tales of the Dieppe fishermen lost at sea over a great meal.

Join the Herring Festival

Every November, Dieppe celebrates the Herring Festival visited by over 100,000 guests. The event hosts locals grilling on the streets and cooking freshly caught giant Herrings. The winter air changes to a smoky feel with a hint of fresh grilled fish that comes along with it. Enjoy this festival with local booze and I assure you will appreciate every moment of it. Dieppe is a surprising find, and with lots of ferries from Newhaven to Dieppe, it’s a great time to check out a spot that most tourists never make it too. Have fun folks!