Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world. It is also the richest in culture, history, religion and famous monuments. For your trip, here are some ideas of tours to do to visit Asia.

Why Visit Asia?

You still hesitate to move in Asia? Here are the reasons that will convince you to make a tour in Asia. If you opt for a complete trip in Asia, you will have within your reach several incredible destinations such as, Thailand, China, Indonesia and others... You can follow the history of the ancients by following the Great Wall of China. You will also marvel at the architecture of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. You are sure to be enlivened by discovering the temples of Tofuku-ji in Japan, or Ginkaku-ji in Kyoto. If you are a samurai lover, the castles of Hikone-jo or Matsuyamo-jo are magnificent works of art that you must visit.

Things To Do To Visit Asia

For your tour in Asia, here are some essential activities that will satisfy you. The ruins of Angkor in Cambodia will delight you. According to the testimony of the people of yesteryear it is the ancient capital of the Khmer empire. It is a majestic temple that has kept all its splendor despite the centuries. The island of Cat Ba and Cuc Phuong in the north of Vietnam will completely soothe you. You will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views on a green background. You will start your adventure on the natural park in the heart of a seascape. Rajasthan in India will completely capture you by its history. You will be amazed by the architecture of the magnificent palaces. You will be able to travel through Jaypur discovering the City Palace and the Palace of the Winds. For families and lovers, don't forget to visit the Golden Beach in Sri Lanka, you will experience the most beautiful sunset. Finally, to swim and recharge your batteries, go to Bali in the Gili Islands and admire the coral reef.

Things to remember before you go to Asia

For your tour in Asia, it is ideal to start with China which is only a few hours away from France. You will then pass through Thailand and then India before landing in Japan. To complete your stay, don't forget to go to Sri Lanka or the land of green gold. Make sure you are well equipped, the climate in Asia is very varied. Don't forget to bring mosquito repellent and bottled water for each outing.