Greece must feature very highly on people’s favourite countries in Europe, the place is absolutely fantastic and has been a regular holiday sport for millions of holiday makers from the UK each year. I love the fact that the tourist industry there is such a well oiled machine and makes every effort to keep evolving with the times and make sure that they are a market leader. The fact they continue to improve on their already fantastic resorts means that it is always a great idea to visit. Holidays to Greece are more popular than ever before, cheap flights these days make all holidays in Europe so cheap and simple. With the weather in the UK being so bad, I personally feel that we should all be jumping onine to book our holiday to this iconic tourist destination. So, forget all about the troubles that are happening or were happening in Greece, because they will not affect your holiday at all. You won’t even know that they are going on when you are over there on holiday, this is due to the fact that the Greek people are so friendly and welcoming. The tourist industry is such a major part of the countries income that they will not allow it to be affected. If anything, you may even get some great deals at the moment! Here are 3 great reasons why you should definitely go this year.

You’ve never been to Greece

If you haven’t been to Greece then why not? It is time for you to experience one of the world’s best countries. You can taste the amazing cuisine, bask in the glorious sunshine and chat to the ever friendly locals. You don’t just have to sit by the beach because you can head in land to discover ode amazing ancient ruins and breath taking landscapes.

You’ve been to Greece

If you’ve already been then you know just how special this place really is. Cast your mind back to the last time you were there, remember how amazing it was? I know you do, so what are you not going there again? You have the inside knowledge which will make your next trip even easier that than the last. There’s no excuse not to visit, I’ve been so many times because I can’t get enough of the place!

The Weather

The one thing that you can guarantee when you visit Greece is that the weather is going to be good. Depending on where you plan to visit you know that you will get the weather you want. It’s an ideal place for a beach holiday because the sun is always shining, even when the weather is supposedly at it’s worst, it is still perfect for us from the UK to lounge on the beach! Why haven’t you booked your ticket already? Writing this reminded me of why and how much I love the place, I really need to go back asap! Hopefully catch you over there soaking up some sunshine!