Travelling, living unforgettable adventures and opening yourself up to exciting discoveries has always been your greatest passion? Think about immortalizing all these moments and sharing them with your entourage. Don't forget that a true nomad and traveller worthy of the name is also a fan of photography, but not just any photography. To tell the story of your travels, photos are essential. So make an original travel photo album that will impress your loved ones. Discover the essential idea of scrapbooking and the ideas that are available to you in terms of creativity.

Original Travel Photo Album: Nothing is Worth Scrapbooking!

No more travel photos stored on your computer, saved on a CD or memory card. And say goodbye to those traditional photo albums that just turn the pages without reliving the moments. Today, we're embracing scrapbooking, a concept that makes photography a great art and is adopted in all contexts. Weddings, baptisms, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, studies... And why does a photo album travel in the form of scrapbooking? Opt for this trend in order to tell your adventures and to bring back to life each moment of your trip. In addition to these undeniable advantages, scrapbooking calls for creativity and can be completely personalized. It's up to you to choose the spirit you want to bring to it by telling your journey and that's it!

Original Travel Photo Album And Scrapbooking: How Does It Work?

When it comes to travel photo albums, scrapbooking offers you a wide range of alternatives. To do so, start by choosing your medium. You usually choose a large notebook to create an original travel photo album. Prefer travel notebooks to printed and colourful pages. Then, sort your photos and print them. You can then cut them out, paste them into your travel photo album and finally, add a small caption next to each one. Talk about the moment in question, tell about the event, and don't forget the date to mark the memory.

Original Travel Photo Album: Ideas To Amaze Your Entourage!

An original travel photo album requires personalization and creativity! How about using your manual skills to make each moment immortalized in the photos even more meaningful? There's no shortage of ideas for scrapbooking. For example, create a map or a photo touristic page that tells the story of your journey and your various escapades. And to liven up your travel photo album, add an interactive touch with tabs, for example.