The islands are still the favourite tourist sites for holidaymakers. With its large beaches of fine sand and sunshine all year round. The exploration sites, the remains, and the local cultures also interest explorers of all kinds, such as speleologists, archaeologists, or historians, because some islands sometimes contain unsuspected treasures. For adventurers, thrill-seekers and surfers alike, the islands are the perfect places to have fun and take beautiful photos and videos at the same time.

The Tourist Islands

Island trips are those where you can spend unforgettable holidays strutting around in the sun, eating seafood and swimming at any time of the day. The most famous tourist islands are, the Hawaiian Islands like the very famous Maui and Haitian Islands and its volcanoes, its super hotels and various attractions, and its vahine dancers, which will leave no time for tourists to get bored. There is also Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Capri in Italy, Mallorca in Spain, Roatan in Honduras, Koh tao in Thailand, or the small island of Nosy-be off the coast of Madagascar.

Islands Of Exploration

For those who want to make a cultural holiday on a trip to the islands, there are some as beautiful as they are rich in biodiversity. Some of them are even classified as world heritage sites because they are home to protected species, such as the Phoenix Islands, which have a total of 800 known species of living beings, including 200 species of coral, 500 species of fish, 18 marine mammals and 44 species of birds. Within the same framework, there is the island of Dominica, which is a wild island inhabited by 162 species of birds, and various species of butterflies and lizards, as well as whales and dolphins. The island of Aruba is famous for its flamingos and the island of Curaçao for its discovery of underwater life through diving.

The Extreme Islands

A trip to the islands, can also be under the sign of the extreme and the surpassing of oneself. Some islands offer sensational places for thrill-seekers. There is for example the island of Lavezzi which promises a fun and entertaining activity through speleology, the island of Puerto-Rico and the island of the madeleine are also full of superb caves to be explored by kayak or swimming. Other activities such as kitesurfing, surfing, rafting, canyoning, or hiking are practiced in islands such as Martinique, St. Lucia and Reunion Island.