There are few things worse than being on the road and not having enough money to do all of the things that you want to do. Last year I was in exactly this predicament and I can remember looking at some of the awesome motorcycle tours Thailand has to offer, and facing that sinking feeling that I couldn’t afford them. Thankfully, I had a chance encounter with a fellow traveler who extolled the virtues of working online to me. I have now been working online for just under a year and it has allowed me the chance to do so many more things. Working abroad is great but it does require that you stay in the same place for a length of time, with the internet this is not the case and here are some ways in which you can earn as you travel.

Freelance Work

Regardless of what your skill set is, there is something online for everyone in terms of freelance work. If you check out a site much as for example, you can find writing jobs, email handling positions, administrative roles and design jobs to name just a few. The site is easy to use and puts you in contact with a huge range of employers, simply upload your skills and relevant experience and then apply for as many jobs as you like.


Ever wondered how governments and private companies get their statistics about their demographics? Well the truth is that much of this information comes from online surveys which are filled out by people like you and me, and you can do so to earn some extra cash. Simply sign up for the survey website and then fill out as many as you can. You won’t get paid a great deal of money for each survey which you fill out but it will soon add up!


If you know your way around the casino and sports, you can employ some strategies and gamble online to make some extra cash. There are many betting sites out there and online casinos who offer free welcome bonuses when you sign up so you can even gamble without using a penny of your own cash. Be careful when gambling and only bet what you can afford to lose.


If you are on the road, why not blog about your travels for the world to read, and make some money as you go. If you create a blog with high quality content and you share it throughout social media and build up a strong following, you can then use your blog to make some money. Equally, you can also use your blog to review hotels and products in exchange for free items and hotel rooms meaning that you can also save money during your travels. Working online is the perfect way to earn for anyone who travels, you can work when you want and from wherever you want, as long as you have an internet connection. Get online and go and do all of the things which you dreamed of!