Some places around the world just have to be seen to be believed. The television set does not do justice to the culture or climate – with that in mind, here are four places around the world that must be travelled to.

Sydney, Australia

Located on the East Coast of Australia, Sydney is world-renowned for its culture, climate and entertainment. It is home to some of the most enduring images of Australian culture, including the Sydney Opera House. On top of that, the Bondi Beach is attractive to visitors of all ages and has become iconic in its own right. Despite the fact that it is one of the more expensive cities in the world, it does not stop the vast number of tourists that arrive on Australia’s East Coast – and the sheer variety of people who arrive there. You are just as likely to find a backpacker as you are a family that is holidaying down under. As numerous travel guides and reports have pointed out, it is a tourist’s paradise.

Los Angeles, USA

The USA’s second city, LA is renowned as being home to some of the biggest film stars of all time. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston and Marilyn Monroe have all called the city ‘home’ at some stage. However, for the everyday visitor to Los Angeles – with a budget to match – there are numerous activities. One of the most easily-recognizable activities is to walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Since the 1960’s, more than 2,500 famous actors, musicians and icons have been immortalized with a star displaying their name on the sidewalks. Best of all, it is free of charge. Another is the world famous Venice Beach, which is the ultimate relaxation place – it has locals jogging, rollerblading and weightlifting in the California sun.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco, a principality, is another destination that attracts the rich and famous. Being based in the Mediterranean, it has months of sunshine and heat every year. It also hosts a world-renowned Formula One race in May every year. Due to its small size and extravagant prices, this location is probably the least accessible on the list. However, one of the great Monaco pastimes is gambling – the principality has a major attraction in the Monte Carlo Casino, which attracts extremely wealthy visitors, although Monaco residents are barred from entering. For those of us who are unlikely to get the chance to travel to Monaco – or indeed, the residents of the principality – there is always a more realistic method of playing casino games. Betway offer an authentic casino experience, with numerous games that don’t even require the player to leave their home, including online slots.

London, England

Despite its world-famous attractions and residents, many people, even in the UK have not visited England’s capital city. However, it is testament to the city’s allure that it was recently revealed to be the world’s most popular travel destination. This is little surprise – London offers culture, history and modern technology, all of which is encompassed within an easy-to-reach area. The London Eye and free museums are a must.