Dealing With A Long Layover

Published on : 02 September 20203 min reading time

Let’s all be honest here, nobody likes layovers, but the worst ones are of course the longer variety. Airports are not the worst places in the world, but after 10 hours or so they can really start to get annoying. Here are some of my tips for dealing with a long layover.

Airport hotels

Airport hotels are quite frankly the best solution when it comes to dealing with layovers, what better solution is there than sleeping in a real bed and having a bit of privacy in your own room. I would highly recommend Manchester airport hotels, as they are just one great example of places where you can get some relaxation time in and a good sleep before the next leg of your adventure.

Walk around

I like to see layovers as an opportunity to do some shopping research, that I would not otherwise have time for in my day to day life. Of course nobody is forcing you to buy anything, but it is definitely a great way to spend your time. You also have plenty of time to decide if the airport prices are better than the ones in normal stores, so see this as a great opportunity. Some duty free items are also great to buy too.

Research the airport

One thing that I have done a lot previously was to research what facilities the airport had to offer when I had some long layovers. For example, I was in Qatar and paid about $50 for entry to the Oryx Lounge. This was great because it was comfortable, more quiet and I was able to get some food and drink at no extra charge. These layovers were actually enjoyables!

Leave the airport

This is another option that can be great, especially if you have a very long layover. You can quite easily arrange to leave the airport and come back later. This is a great opportunity to deal with the time and it will absolutely fly if you are doing some fun things like sightseeing or visiting bars and restaurants.

Pack your carry on carefully

Your layover can definitely be more comfortable and packing the right things in your carry on bag are absolutely crucial. I like to always put my electronics in my carry on bag, because this will be my main source of entertainment. A change of clothes is always a very refreshing option too, which you will appreciate when thinking of how long you will be in transit for! It is always good to keep documents with you in your carry on too, because you will always have them with you and they have a lower chance of getting lost.

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