The United States is one of the world's largest destinations. The country can welcome vacationers, businessmen, interns and students provided they meet the eligibility requirements. To enhance its border security, the United States has decided to offer an electronic visa waiver program for eligible travelers, or ESTA, as well as numerous visas including tourist visas. But what are the procedures for obtaining this visa?

Tourist Visa: Essential Paper for Entry to the United States

A tourist visa applies whenever you are planning a tourist stay on American soil. In addition to being able to work and continue your studies in this country, you can also get a visitor visa. This means that you have the right to engage in tourist and recreational activities and to visit family and friends. However, you will not need this visa if you have an ESTA. This type B2 visa allows you to carry out the following activities or attend the following events:
  • Charity events;
  • Medical treatment;
  • Holidays, sightseeing;
  • Visiting family and friends;
  • Non-profit sporting or musical events;
  • Leisure learning courses.

Visa B2 and ESTA, What are the differences?

The tourist visa and the ESTA give you the same privilege. If you hold one of them, you will still be able to enter the United States without difficulty, as long as you provide complete documentation. There is one difference, however, because with ESTA you may be exempt from a tourist visa. It is true that applying for a visa seems complex. A new guideline is that travellers must first go through an interview with a U.S. Consulate to apply for a visa. ESTA will save you time, especially when applying for a visa waiver. All you need to do is obtain a form from a site, fill it out and validate it. However, the purpose of this program is to check the solvency of a passenger as well as his country of origin. The country of origin must be on the list of the 38 ESTA member countries.

Steps to Obtain a Tourist Visa in the United States

If you do not hold an ESTA, you must still obtain a B2 visa in order to travel to the USA.

Check Validation Requirements

You must meet certain criteria to cross the U.S. border. The requirements are:
  • A reason for travel;
  • Good financial coverage;
  • Respect for the duration of your stay.

Apply for a Tourist Visa

Applications must be made in accordance with the following instructions:
  • Submit Form DS-160 ;
  • Pay the necessary fees;
  • Prepare the supporting documents;
  • Make an appointment for the visa interview at the embassy.

Files to be submitted

If you have not subscribed to the ESTA, you should know that an application for a B2 visa requires the creation of a few files in particular:
  • A valid passport;
  • A photo for an American visa;
  • A DS-160 form certificate and the code;
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee;
  • One page of confirmation of the Embassy interview;
  • A letter of reason for travel;
  • Proof of financial means.